AGN Bylaws

Chapter 1 General

Sec 1.1 Name
The name of this organization shall be The Austin Gay Nudists (or Central Texas Gay Nudists. (hereinafter the "Club")

Sec 1.2 Purpose
The Club is a social organization created to bring together gay, straight, bisexual men who are nudists, for friendship and fellowship and shared common interests.
The purposes of the Club are to sponsor and promote social and recreational activities for its members.

Sec 1.3 Mission Statement
The Club was founded on the truth that people need to maintain fellowship and fraternity with other nudists. The Club exists to:
  • Support the eradication of discrimination, especially with regard to physical appearance;
  • Provide social opportunities that enhance the personal growth and self-esteem of its members;
  • Exemplify diversity and inclusiveness in our community;
  • Promote the healthy expression of naturism

Chapter 2 Bylaws

Sec 2.1 Changes to Bylaws
These bylaws may be changed (amended or repealed) at any time at a regular or called business meeting of the Club. Proposed changes shall be presented in writing at a regular business meeting. A motion must be passed to place the proposed changes on the agenda of the next regular business meeting. The proposed changes will be published in the newsletter or by special mail and/or email at least ten days prior to the next business meeting when the vote is to be taken. A majority vote of those present is sufficient to approve changes, amendments or repeal; members may vote by written or email proxy submitted to the president or secretary.

Chapter 3. Membership

Sec 3.1 Members / Regular Members
To be a member, one must be a male (gender identified as male-defined by the state), twenty-one years of age or older, and must agree to comply with these bylaws, the rules and etiquette of the group, complete a membership application and pay the initial registration fee and subsequent annual dues.

Membership applications will ask for correct and verifiable identifying information such as name, address, telephone number, email address, and birthdate (age). The Club reserves the right to identification from an applicant or member with proof of age such as driver's license or other proof.
Only regular members may vote in Club elections, business, and decisions.

Sec. 3.2 Disciplinary Procedures
The Executive Committee shall have authority, by a unanimous vote of the executive committee, to enact disciplinary action for violations of Club rules and regulations as stated in these bylaws, or the membership application.  Disciplinary action taken by the Executive Committee may include but is not limited to, censure and removal from membership.

For a first offense, the Executive Committee shall censure the member.
For subsequent offenses, the disciplinary action is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee shall notify the membership within 30 days that disciplinary action has been taken. The notification shall include an explanation of the violation and the action taken.

A regular member can initiate disciplinary procedures by written notification to the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee shall place the request on the agenda of the next business meeting.
A member shall be removed from membership by a 3/4 majority vote of the quorum.
The appeal of the disciplinary action may be made by the disciplined member at the next business meeting. A 3/4 majority vote of the quorum is required to repeal the disciplinary action.
A person who is removed from membership is not entitled to a refund of any portion of annual dues or initial registration fee.

The Club will not grant membership for a period of one year to a person who has been removed from membership.
After a period of one year, the member may rejoin as a member under conditions or probation set by the Club. After a period of one year as a member under the conditions or probation set, the member may become a regular member but will not be a voting member on the board to the Club.

Chapter 4 Meetings

Sec 4.1 Scheduling and Conduct of Meetings
The Club shall hold regular business meetings twice a year, separate from an AGN Social Event or Activity.
The president or a majority of the officers may call special meetings.
Notice of all regular and called meetings should be issued to all members not less than one month prior to the meeting.
The notice must provide the date, time, and location of the meeting. Notice may be by publication in the Club newsletter, website calendar or website announcement.
When there is a need for proper parliamentary procedure, the officers shall use Roberts Rules of Order as a guide in conducting meetings.
Only regular current members may vote in any business meeting.
Unless otherwise specified in these bylaws, approval of any action requires a simple majority of the regular members present.
Regular business meetings do not include executive committee meetings.
Executive committee meetings are held once a month.

Sec. 4.2 Annual Meeting
Club officers are elected at the end of the year in December for the following year.

Sec. 4.3 Quorum
In order to conduct business, for business matters not otherwise specified in these bylaws, a quorum shall consist of a minimum of three Club board members.

Chapter 5 Executive Committee

Sec 5.1 Officers
The officers of the Club shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary and, Treasurer, Newsletter/Website Editor, Party Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, TCC Liaison, Member-at-large.
The officers shall constitute the Executive Committee.
A member that has paid and is active for at least one year may be an officer.

Sec 5.2 Terms of Office
The terms of office for officers shall be from January 1 through December 31.
Nothing in the Bylaws is intended to limit how long a member may serve on the executive committee.

Sec 5.3 President
The President is responsible for the continuing growth of AGN and AGN Campout. He oversees all aspects of the club’s activities and operations. The President represents the AGN Board and Members and promotes camaraderie among other Naturist Groups/Clubs. The President will also serve as Co-Campout Run Coordinator along with the Vice President.

Sec 5.4 Vice-President
The Vice-President is elected to assist the president. The Vice-President is responsible for ensuring adequate supplies for the club’s activities. Duties include purchasing, distribution, inventorying, and retrieval of supplies and equipment to/from parties, assist or fill in for the President as needed and other duties assigned by President. The Vice President will also serve as Co-Campout Run Coordinator, along with the President.

Sec 5.5 Secretary
The Secretary is responsible for maintaining records of actions taken by the AGN Board and assists with communication between the Board and AGN Members and other nudists/naturist clubs. Duties include, but are not limited to, taking Board Meeting minutes, collection and distribution of AGN postal mail and email to appropriate board members, assisting in the distribution of the Newsletter to members and affiliated clubs, and other duties as assigned by President.

Sec 5.6 Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing finances, as directed by the AGN Board, to support AGN activities. Duties include data entry, collection, and deposits of monies, balancing accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivables and other duties as assigned by the President.

Sec 5.7 Newsletter/Website Editor
The Newsletter/Website Editor is responsible for covering all AGN Business and Social Events and publishes them to the regular Members in the form of a newsletter and on the website. The editor will also handle all website content and Website calendar information for the Club.

Sec 5.8 Party/Event Coordinator
The Party/Event Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that there is a monthly AGN Party/Event for AGN Members and assists the regular members who host/co-host parties and events. The Party/Event Coordinator will also assist the President and Vice President in the organization and coordination of events for the annual CampOut event.

Sec 5.9 Membership Coordinator
The Membership Coordinator is responsible for marketing the club to potential members and will be the liaison between the clubs regular members and the executive committee. The Membership Coordinator will also assist members and new members with the upkeep of their information with the club, the website and any and all correspondence between club and membership.

Sec 5.10 TCC Liaison
The TCC (The Conference of Clubs) Liaison is the regular member who is also a member of TCC and relays information between the club and TCC.

Sec 5.11  Member At Large
The Member At Large is a regular member or past Executive Committee Member who sits on the Executive Committee and speaks for the membership of the club at large.  This position is typically the most recent Past President and will serve as advisory/continuity to the leadership.

Sec 5.12 Election of Officers and Assumption of Office
All nominations will require a second to be accepted. Only regular members may nominate or second candidates for office. Elections will be held at the regular Annual Meeting, and a majority of those regular members present will be sufficient to elect.

Sec 5.13 Handling of Vacant Office
If any office shall become vacant for any reason, including resignation or removal, the president may appoint a member to assume the office for the balance of the term of office. The appointee will be confirmed at the next regular business meeting. If the office of president becomes vacant, the vice-president shall immediately assume the office of president for the balance of the term of office and may appoint a member to assume the office of vice-president for the balance of the term of office.

If in the case of a vacancy in the offices of both the president and vice-president, the immediate order of succession to acting president shall be secretary, then treasurer. Nomination and election of a new president and a new vice-president for the remainder of that administrative term shall be held at the next regular business meeting. In the interim, the acting president shall assume all duties of the president in addition to the duties of his existing office.

Sec 5.14 Responsibilities of the Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall meet monthly.  The Executive Committee shall meet prior to the monthly social activity, event or business meetings to review the financial status of the Club, to plan events and any other matters requiring their attention. No action may be taken at Executive Committee meetings that require specific voting requirements as designated in these bylaws, such as the commitment of funds greater than $100.00.
The Executive Committee shall provide a report at the next club Business Meeting of the business transacted in Executive Committee meetings held since the last club Business Meeting.

Sec 5.15 Removal from Office
Officers may be removed from office by a 3/4 majority vote of the entire regular membership of the Club at a regular Business Meeting. Members may vote by proxy submitted in writing to the President or Secretary. The Secretary will notify all regular Members by first-class mail or email prior to the meeting that a Motion must be passed at a regular business meeting to place removal from office on the agenda of the next subsequent regular Business Meeting. If the Secretary is the subject of the removal motion, the President will issue the notice and proxy votes will be submitted to the President.

An officer of the Executive Committee shall be removed from office for non-performance of duties by a unanimous vote of the remaining officers. The Executive Committee shall notify the membership within 30 days that an officer has been removed from the office. The notification shall include an explanation of the removal.

Sec 5.16 Sponsoring, Endorsements, and Committing Resources.
Only the Executive Committee may approve sponsorship or endorsements in the Club's name, commit Club resources or membership, or extend invitations to other organizations or groups.

Chapter 6 Financial Matters

Sec 6.1 Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the Club shall be January 1 through December.

Sec 6.2 Dues
There shall be annual dues as determined by the regular membership. Payment of the annual dues provides entitlement to the membership for the rest of the current calendar year. benefits for the membership period that begins at the time the fee or dues is received to the end of the calendar year.

Sec 6.3 Annual Audit
The president shall appoint an audit committee each January consisting of at least three regular members. The audit committee will meet with the treasurer prior to the end of February to examine all records for the preceding fiscal year and up to the time of the audit. The audit committee will report the results of the audit to the membership at the next monthly business meeting.

Sec 6.4 AGN Expenditures
Financial decisions regarding AGN expenditures of funds greater than $100 must be approved by the Club in a business or called meeting. The quorum for such financial decisions shall be not less than three officers and 2/3 majority of the regular members that are present.

The President or Treasurer may disburse funds without prior approval of the Executive Committee or the club membership for all ordinary expenses up to $100.00 per expense or reimbursement.  Both President and Treasure must sign for every purchase over $50.00.

Sec 6.5 Campout Expenditures
Financial decisions regarding Campout expenditures of funds greater than $100 must be approved by the Club Membership in a Business or called meeting. The quorum for such financial decisions shall be not less than three Officers and 2/3 majority of the regular members that are present.

President or Treasurer may disburse funds without prior approval of the Executive Committee or the Club membership for all ordinary expenses up to $100.00 per expense or reimbursement.  Both President and Treasure must sign for every purchase over $50.00.

Treasurer will pay TCC immediately following an AGN CampOut event in full all incurred expenses related to an AGN campout event and those expenses excepted from those requiring prior approval from the Executive Committee. AGN Campout expenses excepted from Executive Committee approval are:
  • Attendance fee
  • Wi-fi fee
  • Long-distance phone calls
  • RV/Parking fees
  • Tent fees
  • Bunkhouse fee
  • Food and paper products and entertainment
  • Electric/Waste fees

Chapter 7 Membership Information

Sec 7.1 Confidentiality of Member Information
Members must give their individual permission prior to the Club's publication of any personal or identifying information in any form, such as postal and email addresses, photos, and phone numbers.

Members who may have access to members' personal or identifying information shall keep any such published personal or identifying information confidential and shall not release such published information outside the Club.

All officers will have a current directory of all members. The officers are required to keep this information confidential and will furnish information to a member about another member, whose information is not published to all members, only with permission. Any and all such information provided on membership application forms and other documents completed by members shall be placed in the safekeeping of the Membership Coordinator who shall maintain its confidentiality.

Members may not use any membership information for their own commercial purposes nor share that information outside of the Club.

Sec 7.2 Unauthorized Release of Confidential Information; Penalty
A member may be removed permanently from membership with the Club for violating any of the provisions of this chapter.

Chapter 8 Website

Sec 8.1 Purpose/Use of Website
The purpose of the website is to publish and communicate information about the Club, rules of etiquette and the events and activities of the Club to its members.

All members registering on the website must read, understand, agree and abide by the rules of etiquette for the Club before they can become a member.

Information found on the website about it’s members, their personal or identifying information is strictly for the use of communication on Club business and activities between the Executive Committee and the membership.

A member may be removed from the website for misuse of information about the Club or for violating any of the rules of etiquette found on the website.