AGN Events & Guidelines

Interested in Hosting an Event?

As a member of Austin Gay Nudists (AGN), you are welcome and encouraged to schedule one of several types of Events:

Nude Feast: A bit more formal and organized in nature, a Feast Host supplies the main dish and others who attend volunteer or are assigned different types of food to bring. The Feast host can decide to hold it for lunch, brunch or dinner. Feasts may be held on any day/evening of the week or weekend, although historically, Saturday events have been better attended.   

Nude Potluck: This is a more relaxed affair and requires less preparation by the Event host. Basically the host provides the space and everybody brings a dish to share.  Luck is indeed involved in how good a meal it will turn out, but presumably, people can still have a good time being naked with men they enjoy seeing.  There's also nothing wrong if members want to compare notes for a bit more balance of food groups. That's now possible to do in our private MemberPlanet Group...

Nude Private Social: This event is a nude social event held at a member's home or apartment for drinks, movies or a game night. Members and guests may bring some snacks to share, but otherwise, no food is planned. It is an occasion to be naked and comfortable with fellow members and friends! 

Nude Public Social: This event is a nude public event usually held at a public location where nudity is both allowed and legal ( i.e. Hippie Hollow).  Members and guests may bring some snacks to share, but otherwise, no food or drink is planned to be provided by AGN. It is an occasion to be naked and comfortable with fellow members and friends in a public setting.

Nude camp out:  These are especially fun events where Members and non-Members camp out overnight at a host's home or other location (such as the TCC Land site in Cameron, TX).  We also sponsor our annual CampOut event that is a weekend of naked camping, socializing, games and entertainment at a private campground.  AGN provides meals so you can spend more time just enjoying the event and/or relaxing.

Non-Nude Public SocialThis is a newer type of event for AGN where members can gather and socialize with others in public where being naked is not always acceptable ( i.e. happy hour at a local bar, movie theater or dinner at a restaurant). Any Member may attend and bring a guest.  Members and guests pay for themselves.

"Other": These area functions, events or activities where AGN members and guests are welcome to attend or participate but are NOT an Official AGN Feast, Potluck, Private Social, Public Social or camp out (i.e. TCC Maintenance Weekends, Naked Yoga, a gathering of friends by an AGN member that involves non-AGN members, etc.).  

"Other" events are required to follow the AGN Rules and Guidelines if the host of the Event wants the event to be promoted by AGN via email to Members, and/or to be posted on the AGN website or Memberplanet Group. 

Note: The Club is able to offer a $25 allowance for Hosts of events where there is food served. Members may elect to accept the allowance or donate it back to the Club to be used for party decorations, favors, or prizes.