AGN Leadership

The long-standing success of AGN relies greatly on the interest and participation of our Members.  Thank you for being part of Austin Gay Nudists - this is your club and it's really important for us all to work together for the greater good of providing all members with a safe environment where they can be comfortable, make new friends, and share precious time.

Even if you don't aspire to become a member of the Board, there are many opportunities for you to get involved.  Please let your interests be known - we will always appreciate those who step forward to help!

2018 (Interim) Board of Directors


Gary P.


Coming Soon
Vice President

Greg F.
Secretary / Website

Tom B.

Eduardo A.
Membership Coord.


Coming Soon
Party/Events Coord.

Earl B
TCC Liaison

Coming Soon
Member at Large

NOTE:  Per the AGN Bylaws, upon the death of President Rodney Lewis, Gary became club President for the remaining 2018 term.  
The Bylaws also provided for Gary to appoint the Board positions which were not filled for the remainder of the current term year.  
Appointed positions have since been ratified by Membership vote.