AGN Rules & Guidelines

Etiquette and Rules

  • AGN is not a sex club. AGN is foremost a nudists' club and as a gay nudist organization, we want to create a "safe place" environment for our members to network, make new friends and have fun in a no-pressure environment. Not everyone is 100% "out" or comfortable being nude in a social situation. With this in mind, we ask members and guests to please refrain from sexual activity at any time during our scheduled Events. Anyone who does not observe etiquette rules may be asked to leave the event and/or may risk formal sanctions or revocation of membership. Please behave like you would at any public nudist event. In all cases, NO means NO.
  • Parties, get-togethers, gatherings, whatever you call them, are the main focus of our group's activities. They are almost always held in members' homes and some events are held at public locations where nudity is allowed or legal. Because our members have generously invited us into their homes, we want to make sure that we will be welcomed back in the future. This is the area in which we have the most expectations for our members' behavior.
  • You are expected to be nude at all AGN parties. With the exception of non-nude social events, none of our events are clothing optional. Clothing like caps, socks or shoes that protect you from sun damage or from cold is always appropriate when circumstances dictate.
  • If attending an AGN Nude Feast, Potluck, or Private Social event, PLEASE RSVP for the Event so that the host will know that you will be attending.  It helps us better prepare in terms of seating space, food areas, and drinks provided.
  • Always bring and sit upon your own towel. Don't place your bare body in contact with furniture or upholstery. Though sweat and secretions are a fact of life, we don't want to be unsanitary or cause any damage to furniture.
  • Generally, there is no charge for admission to our parties. In exchange, we ask that members bring 2 non-perishable food items to donate to the AIDS Services of Austin (ASA) Food Bank to each party.
  • The club furnishes soft drinks for each party. If you want something stronger, bring your own bottle. Don't help yourself to others' drinks unless invited to do so.
  • Smoking is permitted only in designated areas and only if permitted by the host.
  • Please respect the host's property.


  • If bringing a guest, ALWAYS let the host know in advance you are bringing someone with you who is not a member. If bringing a guest, you need to accompany him to the party unless you have made other arrangements with the host's approval.


  • Photographs are NOT to be taken during any AGN function unless otherwise approved by the board, hosts, and members. Please respect other peoples' privacy at any AGN function.


  • Do not send any unsolicited mail, emails, phone calls or text to any members of AGN and/or their guests unless you have their permission to do so. Any unsolicited mail, emails, phone calls or text sent with the intention to meet up for sex or contain crude or sexually explicit oriented material that may be considered offensive is not permitted.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • The use of drugs, illegal substances, or excessive amounts of alcohol is prohibited. Guests or members who fail to observe these rules or who display rude or obnoxious behavior will be asked to leave and may not be allowed to attend future events. In all cases, NO means NO.
  • Overindulging in alcohol often results in objectionable behavior and makes others uncomfortable. Persons causing trouble to others or to the host as the result of excessive drinking will be asked to leave the event and may have their membership revoked and their dues refunded.

Each member is strongly suggested to either host or help out at one party each year.   We realize not everyone is in a position to host a party.  In that case, you can help out by "co-hosting." Ideally, we want to have four co-hosts help out at each party. Members are encouraged to sign up early. Co-hosting is a great help to the hosts, and is not a difficult commitment at all. A Co-host's task might be to greet arrivals, take food from arriving members, put names on, help set up the food for the potluck dinner, etc.